A cat came into my life and…

cat on carpet

CAT IN HEAT: 17th August:
Our cat went into its first heat on 5th August for 30 hours. It was mild. Today it went into its second heat. This time I could see the symptoms from few days before. Her appetite was lost and she started eating dry food instead of raw chicken or fish. So I was careful to keep her indoors in time. Learning about acupressure for a cat in heat. It works but its effect reduces with time and the cat is craving for it, sort of like addicted. In the beginning she slept for 6 hours after acupressure, then 3, then 1, then none and wanted more. So stopping now (after doing it multiple times daily for 5 days). It did help her with the appetite; ate moderately after acupressure compared to almost nothing before acupressure.

Here are the steps from http://messybeast.com/catmassage.htm:

There are a number of specialised massage techniques e.g. TTouch and acupressure and books and videos describing these. Acupressure can be adapted for use on cats and if you take the time to learn it, is apparently enjoyed.
Acupressure can be used to bring a queen off call (to induce ovulation). For breeders, this has the advantage of avoiding hormones, vasectomised males or mechanical means (a cotton bud or glass rod). Pedigree cats are bred when the breeder decides, which is NOT every time they come into season. At other times is it necessary to stop the female from calling, usually by inducing ovulation is some way. The following procedure should be repeated every 10-15 minutes for an hour and then again 12 hours later (or easch time the oestrus queen is acting like a shameless hussy).

Step 1 is to pat the calling female in a way to mimic the footwork of the male during the initial stages of mating. A tomcat holds the female’s scruff in his mouth and “treads” her hindquarters with his back feet. For the owner, this means patting or stroking at the bottom of the back to make her lift her rump. The female will lower her shoulders, raise her bottom and move her tail to one side. This is similar to the rump-lifting position cats adopt when being stroked on the lower back.

Step 2 is to gently stroke or tickle the area under her vulva. If she has not already done so, she will flick her tail to one side in readiness for “mating”.

Step 3 is to use acupressure to induce ovulation. With one hand, scruff her to simulate the way a tomcat would hold her (or just lay your hand across her neck if she is very co-operative). With your other hand lying along her back pointing towards the tail, press your index or middle finger into the hollow between the tail head and pelvis opposite the side of the shifted-across tail. You will feel a small hollow near the backbone, just at the side of the tail where the tail ends and the back starts. Press downward and inwards at this point, possibly vibrating your finger slightly. It should trigger a post coital response – a long throaty growl and a huff after which she will pull away and roll over to wash under her tail.

And a video

TAIL INJURY: 15th August: Because of my carelessness that cat’s tail was slammed heavily by the door in the winds. She shrieked so loud that my heart stopped. Then she ran away under the bed and did not let me come near. After 30 minutes she came into my room and I saw her bleeding at the tail. I was in panic and called a neighbor and she said she looks fine, nothing broken and that cats have amazing ability to heal. She healed in few hours, there is still like a dent in her tail which she allowed me to touch today and see by looking into her long hair. I am surprised how soon it healed on its own.

SOCCER: 1st August 2017: Discovered my cat in the potato crate playing with potatoes. So threw some potatoes on ground and it started playing soccer with it. After few days gave it tennis balls and now there is NO stopping her from becoming a soccer champion. She just loves tossing it all around the house, hiding from it, running away from it at marathon speed and then pouncing on it to continue playing soccer. We get to have hearty laugh watching her especially when she slips on the floor mats or bangs into the door while running at high speed.

I never wanted to have pets as I did not like to have hair all over the house. My husband one day became very adamant about having a dog. I knew that I was the one who would have to take care of the pet so I insisted on no. When it became a recurring argument, I asked him to find out what all it takes to have a pet and he was reluctant for that. So I went to a neighbor who has dogs and cats and asked questions and made notes and was overwhelmed with the tasks, vaccinations, pet visits, cage, pet food, sterilization, walking time…

An year passed. One day suddenly a cat appeared in the porch, it was evading us so I did not bother. After 2 days I still saw it there, so gave it roti(flat wheat bread) pieces, brown rice. It ate some bread pieces and stayed there. I sat close by and called her. She came with inhibition and I started petting it. It starting making some sounds so I was not sure what was happening. I left the cat outside and went to sleep.

Next day went to store on my neighbors recommendation and bought pet food and the cat gobbled it as if it was hungry for days. She was very skinny. I went to my neighbors house and asked about the sound it made while I touched it and they to my delight said it is called purring and it means it is content. Then they told me to spay it, to vaccinate it and gave some food for it.

Since am a vegan, I asked my gardener to cook chicken for it and since then it dislikes dry pet food. My neighbor had suggested to give cooked chicken and fish.

Two days ago I googled “What is spaying” and was horrified to know that it means “taking out ovaries and uterus”. Then I youtube some videos and came across these links and it disturbed me very much to know that the way humans are brainwashed into western medicine dependency and preventive organ removal (young adult humans get their tonsils and wisdom tooth removed on the advice of the doctors, breast feeding was discouraged and bottled food was encouraged, real food is made expensive and cheap processed disease causing food is made available every where), the same way the pet industry is.

My neighbor on my questions said “It is curious that we have had cats and dogs all through our lives of 70+ and never questioned what is spaying, what the alternatives are…”. It was very honest of them to say so. I wish more people questioned the conventional manners in every aspect of life.

I asked my gardener of 50+, an innocent big heart village man, to bring raw meat the next day and he said “It will not eat it. I do not even feed my cat cooked meat, she only eats pet food”. I said “let us try”. And no-guesses here…my cat loved eating raw meat….but at the same time I felt so sad that why people do not question? A cat whose natural diet is raw mice, why do we cook meat for it?

So that is the update until now. Back to the question of if I like the cat having around? YES it feels nice to give love. It likes to cuddle in my lap close to my tummy and chest and is playful and yet independent. It is a quiet but playful loving presence at home.

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