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Living Green


I will be listing out small tips and suggestions relevant to living a daily greener life as I discover them:

Antibacterial spray solution for kitchen counter – Boil fresh Artemisia herb in a pot of water and let it simmer to half its quantity. Cool it down. Transfer to a spray bottle. Use within 10 days or refrigerate.

Unblocking Kitchen Sink – 1. Pour boiling hot water first 2. Dump 1/4 cup of baking soda 3. Pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar 3. Let it sit for an hour 4. Pour boiling hot water. To avoid blocked kitchen sink problem do this process once a month.

Cleaning Floor – Diluted Vinegar + Bicarbonate of soda OR salt water as first pass. Herbal water as second pass- boil herbs from your garden like eucalyptus leaves, lavender, rosemary, oregano, lemon grass etc and do the last pass of mopping with this aromatic water.

Whitening Clothes – Soak in baking soda, vinegar, water

Cleaning combs, jewellery, blender jars – Soak in baking soda, vinegar, water overnight and clean the next day with a brush.

Cleaning Home – Diluted Vinegar + Bicarbonate of soda. Fill in a spray bottle and use in kitchen, bath etc.

Food Changes which you can make easily :

Regular Salt : Sea Salt/Rock Salt
Regular Oils : Cold Pressed Oils. Keep a variety of cold pressed oils.

Ghee :Coconut oil. I myself was very skeptical about this change. But its really wonderful and you will start loving it more than ghee for its taste and lightness. Start using it on Roti, Rice, Daal , Porridge and then explore.

Discover Super foods like Carob,Spirulina, Mulberries, Goji berries and 100s of varieties.

Drink smoothies made of greens and fruits.

Eat soaked and steamed legumes : Soak them for 2-3 days. If you live in a hot country, soak them in refrigerator. Let them sprout. And then lightly steam them.

Regular Sugar : Sucanat,Agave,Stevia,Mesquite, and many more.

Regular cooking : Steamed cooking.

Butter,Cheese :Raw Nut butters like cashew,almond,macadamia butter.

Milk : Nut/Seed milk(Soak nuts/seeds overnight, add cold water with some agave nectar/dates/honey/maple syrup/carob syrup, spices like vanilla, cardamom, blend and strain).
WARNING: Discard the soaked water.
Include probiotics in your diet with every meal. Eg:
Raw Saurkraut (Fermented food made of beet,cabbage,sea vegetable,salt), Kombucha. For me these do not work, so am not taking any for now. My husband takes them or a spoon of yogurt a day.

Include Dry Fruits – Soak. Use soaked water. Eat/Mix with nut milks.
Eat a lot of Green leafy vegetables raw, steamed, stir fried, pestos.

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Oil Pulling


I do it everyday. I used to have bad body odour, since 3rd day of OP its gone. I do with coconut oil as sesame oil is not available where I live.

A friend of mine who bites her teeth during sleep and suffers from immense pain through out the day and uses pain killers, had immense relief on the very first day of OP with coconut oil and stopped using pain killers.

Another had good results with her skin eczema.


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Spark Joy!


One day while I was reading a book in the bedroom, my husband came in and all of a sudden started taking out his clothes and folding them. I was looking at him very surprised, because never did I see him taking care of his clothes. He used to just dump them on bed and I was supposed to put them in his closet. I had made different sections for him, a drawer for each kind of clothes, but never did he care to organise them. I used to just dump a cloth in its respective drawer. That is how I used to keep mine too. I never folded my clothes, tops and bottoms went on hangers.

But today he was folding them and keeping them neatly. He said he is doing “Spark Joy” and told me it is a way to organise things. I said “well we will see in a month” (with sarcasm). But by the end of it, I felt so nice inside that I asked him to send me links of the videos he saw. I saw these videos and then did my closet!

And what more I could never get my husband to keep his office desk organised. All kinds of things which did not belong there like even tools and screws from his carpentry work used to be there. Once a week I would clean it up and organise the things.

But that day he cleaned up his desk and it has been so since then! Then I understood that it was my way of organising that did not motivate him to keep his things organised.

It gave an amazing feeling of quiet and harmony when I looked at my husband’s closet and so it became contagious and I felt like doing mine too. But I had to see the videos to learn how to fold the inner wear and the philosophy behind it.

My husband had bought her book too but never read it. He just saw 3 videos and fixed his closet and desk and that is it. But I then decided to start reading the book. Am still reading her book.

But still I was skeptical about how long it will remain tidy and most importantly what would I do when I would do the laundry. So I waited for the day of laundry.

I brought all dry clothes inside and by habit took by husbands underwear like a pile, opened the drawer and was just about to dump them in. But when I saw how tidy it was with all the folded underwear I took a deep breath, calmed down and folded each cloth and put it in the closet neatly.

It is a feeling which you can understand only by experience, so I invite you to start with your very own wardrobe.

Today did the linen cupboard. I am eager to do the kitchen and pantry section, but need half a day along with my husband to do it. Eagerly waiting for a suitable day!

I wish I had taken a BEFORE picture of my closet to show you the difference but I had not. Here is the AFTER picture.

My clothes closet. Pants for outside, night wear, home wear, inner wear, napkins, caps, scarves.
My clothes closet. Pants for outside, night wear, home wear, inner wear, napkins, caps, scarves.
Hanging Tops in increasing slope to get a feeling of uplift
Hanging Tops in increasing slope to get a feeling of uplift
Linen Closet Before
Linen Closet Before
Linen Closet After
Linen Closet After


I used to keep things which I was not using thinking I shall use them if I keep them on top. But I never did. After doing Spark Joy for clothes, when I went into kitchen I did not feel good about it and did spark joy just on this part!


Kitchen Island Top Shelf
Kitchen Island Top Shelf
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The Basics of RoaringRaw Recipes

Oils :
Heating the oil makes it toxic. All recipes of this site are made using raw cold pressed oils (virgin oils).

Green plants with leaves :
Only LIVE green plants give you enzymes and biophotons. The cooking of green foods destroys MORE from their nutritional value. This includes boiling, smoothening, sauté, shaking, baking and all kinds of high temperature cooking (over 145 ° C). All recipes on this site use either raw vegetables or steamed vegetables for 3-4 minutes.

Processed Food : This is a big issue. Processed food is poor. End of story. To be short, all recipes here use products that come straight from nature.

Healthier Alternatives :

  • Cow’s Milk – Dry Fruit Milk
  • White Sugar – Brown Raw Sugar, Honey, Agavi
  • Table salt – Unsweetened seafood
  • Seafood – Vegetables like the sea.
  • Butter – Coconut Butter / Oil
  • White rice – Brown rice

More about oils :
The heating of the oil destroys the antioxidants in the oils and thus oxidizes the oils. This causes This causes polymer crosslinking, ring formation, double-bonding changes, oiling and polymerization of oils.

  • Hydrogenated Fats: Worst of all oils. The addition of hydrogen creates hyperlipidum and makes them very toxic.
  • Polyunsaturated fats: These include common vegetable oils such as corn, soybean, cardamom, sunflower oil and canola, which are undoubtedly the worst oils to use in cooking. These omega-6 oils are very sensitive to heat because of all the double bonds they have.
  • Monounsaturated fats: Extra virgin olive oil is monounsaturated fat. In principle, organic, untreated, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil should have the smallest level of tobacco from all types of olive oil as it is the least processed, with the most dense nutrients and contains the highest concentration of fragile nutrients. The oxidation of nutrients found in extra virgin olive oil, as well as acrylamide formation, can occur at cooking temperatures close to 148 degrees Celsius. For these reasons, cooking with extra virgin olive oil is not recommended.
  • Saturated fats: Coconut oil, although it contains the most saturated fat of all edible oils, is a chemical bond. It is the only oil that is stable enough to resist heat damage while also helping to promote heart health, maintain normal cholesterol levels and even support weight reduction. Again, it is best to eat all the oils, including coconut, raw, without any heating. This also helps against tumors. It is always best to use virgin coconut oil, produced locally using traditional low-tech processes. Commercial coconut oil is processed, bleached and odorless (RBD) or solvent-treated and removes vitamin E and other nutrients from mechanically produced oil.
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