First Play Dough

IMG_5343This is the first time I made the play dough. Going to use it this weekend with the kids. Lets see how it goes.


1/4 cup plain white wheat flour

1/8 cup salt

1 Tbsp yucca/tapioca starch

1 tsp oil

Natural color

Mix all well together slowly with water. Add little by little water to get a dough, knead well, put into zipper bag and freeze until use.

I thought about natural colors and looked around and used things from the garden. So here is how I got these colors. I mixed the below ingredients to the basic recipe to get the colors.

Red/Orange – Achiote seeds from the garden, ground up.Unknown
Green – Hibiscus leaves blended with water and boiled to thicken up.

Black – AshesUnknown-1
Yellow – turmeric


5. Blue/Purple – Fresh wild purple/blue flowers ground up with salt. I do not know this plant in my garden but it blooms a lot.




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My Dream Project – Library and Learning Centre

Phase 1 :

My Dream Project – Building a library and skill centre in my village 🙂
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Teaching English – Body parts & colors with drawing

I printed some worksheets from on body parts. Kids had to match the words with the body parts, then color the body, then draw another boy’s body and label the body parts. In this snippet I taught them colors and they had to color the scarecrow. Whenever they picked a crayon they had to tell the name of the color and then paint.
The kids are 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13 years old.

Teaching body parts and colors with drawing
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Teaching body parts

Teaching my English students “Body parts” with drawing, amongst other fun activities.

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Teaching Greetings & Weekdays with Food

Sebastian Greetings
Sebastian Greetings

I started teaching 8 year old native Spanish speaking children English few months ago.
Started first with domestic animals and fruits.
Then songs based on those topics combined.
Then introduced action verbs like jump, fly etc.
Then songs containing animals and action verbs.
Then numbers and songs combining animals and numbers.
Then Weekdays, songs with weekdays.

Today covered greetings and weekdays with food. First drew greetings on board, asked them to give names to the characters then asked them to copy. They love copying drawings. Then did a role play, each boy became Marco and each girl including me 🙂 became Maria and we exchanged greetings. Then wrote weekdays with food, asked them to copy and repeat saying it.

Below are some photos from the class(3 students out of 4 came today. All are aged 8).

Teaching English
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