Story in Greek with English Translation

While learning Greek our teacher gave us few words and asked us to write a story. Here was mine:

English translation:

Once upon a time, there was an old old house in the outskirts of a village. It was a haunted house. The villagers did not wander even near by that house for they believed that there was a ghost in that house. Very true! Am not making it up. There really was a ghost in it, but a kiddo ghost. And he was really really BORED. Because no one came to visit him at his house 🙁

And so passed the time. One night when the ghost heard the clock ring 12 times, he went out of his house, into the village. He entered a house to frighten someone…

That house was of a man who was known as the iron man of the village. He had a BIIIIIG body. He had a strange habit. And do you know what it was?? Am not going to tell that to you, you will tell me at the end of the story.

That night the iron man was dreaming that he was a gorilla and was dancing crazy on his favorite rock-n-roll music. Shall we sing along that song?? Ok here you go

I wanna beat you up
I wanna break you down
I wanna take your soul
I wanna rock and roll
Oh baby rock and roll
Rrrrrrock and rolllllllllll

No that’s not the song, that’s the sound of the kiddo ghost climbing the stairs to the room of the iron man.
” Oh my! Such a fun it is going to be. Hee Haa Haa! After ions am I going to scare a man”. Lost in such thoughts the kiddo ghost opened the door of the….iron man.

And what did he see???????


And what did he see? Another giant ghost! Who made strides crazy and laughed crazy. Whose footsteps shook the earth and shook the tiny heart of the kiddo ghost.

RaRaRaRa Rrrrrock and Rolllll Hooo Haaa Haaa Rrrrrock and Rollll Baby Rock and Rolll…..WoooHaaaHaaaa

casting those ghostly spells which the kiddo ghost never heard of, the giant ghost ran towards him.

AAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Help, Help !!! Cried the kiddo ghost. And ran out of the house …you know it was a kiddo ghost…did not yet learn to fly 🙂

The friends of the iron man sleeping in another room heard the strange noises, shouts, woke up and came out of their rooms. And saw a giant ghost who was singing the rock and roll song so loud that it shook the house.

And they all shouted with fear. Hearing those sounds the giant ghost woke up, shook off the blanket which was hiding him.

Ha Ha Ha. Laughed everybody, except of course the kiddo ghost. He was still crying in fear and running back to his sweet home.

The End.
Tell me now what was the strange habit of the giant ghost? Sorry, the iron man?

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Cricket Hangama


Long time back I had written a cricket match report. Sharing it here again 🙂.

I chose to report on a game I never played, a game whose terms and rules I knew not.

After our first match, I asked my nephew, “who’s jonty rodes? One of our players is called so.” He said “the best south African fielder”.

So on the day of the play , I was all set to learn from none other than Jonty Rodes. I asked Jonty urf Ashraf, to teach me the terminology of cricket.

He drew the ground layout and labeled the fielding position. “When do u call it a sixer and when do you call it a four?”

“When A is bowling and B takes the catch, on whose name is the wicket counted?”.

were some of my questions.And then we were off to the ground.I was tensed to take off a Reporter’s role.

We were , this time, too, the only “DHAM DHAM DHOL BAJE” team. I looked at the BindView team. They looked tensed, with long faces.

In all the games we played, the drastic difference which is seen between our players and others is the expression on the face.Our players are in a joyous mood, laughing, dancing, singing.

The others, with long tensed faces.This time the Bind View players did not even have a dress code. I felt proud to see all our players in our dress code. It gives a “hum ek hai” feeling.

Opener, Aniket, took 3 runs off the first ball and a 4 off the next. But who won the toss?. ………I don’t know.

I stood with the notebook and pencil, to note down,…………. I don’t know what!!!

3 guys came to me, one after another, asking for the score!

I said “I don’t know!( with a “why are you asking ME?” look).They said “then what are you writing?????”..And so I decided to keep the score. But where was the score sheet?. We forgot.(As if , if it were there, I could have filled it !!!!!).

Now again, Jonty taught me how to keep the score. But I found it too difficult. So I came up with my own way.

Made 3 columns

Someone asked me, whats the score. I said 8 balls 9 runs.He gave me a bizarre look and said “you are counting the balls? Count the overs.”

So now I added another column. Overs till now

Their fielding was too poor. Missed an EEEASY catch!! The bowler almost caught the ball.

Now we knew that their bowling was BAD, fielding was BAD, and they could not even catch a simple catch. It seemed we were playing with kids.

Our players were bold enough to take quick runs, after observing that they were very poor in fielding.

Someone came to me, and asked what’s aniket’s individual score till now? I wish there was someone to capture my expression then. I was thinking “Hey, what do u think of me? How can u expect so much from me? 🙁 :)L “

Once The ball was flying in the air forming an eclipse. Oh no!! The fielder is going to catch it. Nay. He just kept looking at it, and the ball landed at his feet. “OuOuOuOuOuOuOu.”

Vikas was making fun of them. Josh played really good, running much faster than we could imagine. 😉 Tarun prompted beejal to take advantage of their sloppy fielding and to take one more run after evey run they took A 4 !!!. The fielder came running after the ball towards our cheering tame, and not letting the golden chance go, our girls teased him, saying ‘pakad pakad pakad’

The number of balls came to 72 in my sheet. But their bowler continued to bowl ?????? But ours is only a 12 over game!! Yes, what to do? On my score sheet, 72 is reached. But they are still playing L

I compared my final score with the official scorekeepers. Theirs was 84. Mine was 85. I was VERY happy As we were done with the batting, now what did I have to scribble? I went to Debs. He asked ‘what’s the score?” I said 84. He started jumping with joy. I asked my question. He said with that innocent look of his, still jumping, ‘abhi kuch nahi karna hai, bus aaraam karna hai’ But I did start scribbling something J

This time the columns were
Bowler–Gave runs–Took wickets–Remark

Excellent fielding by Deepak. He was standing near the border line, and threw the ball straight on the stumps. Missed slightly. Brilliant fielding by Josh. Hit the stumps straight.

The cheering team shouted “Arey ek kapada tho shod de………….”

The end.

…………………………………Debs Shattered the DHOL to pieces …………………….

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