Greek Poem

While learning Greek our teacher gave us few words and asked us to write a poem containing some or all words. Here as my version:

Σε μια δροσερή νύχτα του καλοκαιριού

Μαζί μου είναι η ζεστασιά της άμμου

Το φως της πανσελήνου χορεύει πάνω στη θάλασσα
Και να, έρχεται ένα τρεχούμενο κύμα

Μου φέρνει ένα κοχύλι
Με ένα όμορφο χρώμα ασημί

Ω !   Είναι αυτό που βλέπω ένα δελφίνι !
Ή αυτή η ομορφιά της φύσης έκανε την ψυχή μου να μεθύσει ;

English translation:

On a cool summer night

With me is the warmth of the sand

The light of the full moon dancing on the beach
And, a wave comes running (towards the shore)

She brings me a shell
Of a beautiful silver color

Oh!  do I see a dolphin (over there)!
Or has this beauty of nature made my soul drunk?

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Longing for the touch of cooling rain
Have I spent many a summer mornings in grueling vain

Longing for the glimmers of a starry night
Have I spent many a rainy days in teary sight

Longing for the warmth of the blazing sun
Have I spent many a freezing days in bracing mum

Oh! So have I withered every season of the Gods
With a heart full of treason unto the Lords

Until one day I fought with my inner moon
And was I blessed with Love as a shimmer boon

And so my eyes are vacant of guile
And so my lips are vibrant with smile

And so are my feet in a oneness dance
And so is my spirit in a joyous trance

Atlast I welcome with a devoted heart every divine season
Atlast I welcome with a devoted heart every divine lesson

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